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February 27, 2013
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"What is your guy's problem?" Ajsman called from behind the closed door to Sky's room. He had locked himself in there with Deadlox, currently a girl, in his room. "You can't be in there forever. The guys are waiting at the parkour area and they don't want to start without you, Sky. If they become suspicious..."
"I know, Aj. Shut up and wait a minute!" Sky yelled from inside. Aj heard what sounded like kissing, but she couldn't be sure, before the door opened.
"Come on before they think somethings up." Ajsman started heading for the door to outside.
"I don't care anymore." Sky said, Deadlox standing beside him. "I'm not going to parkour, and you can tell them everything. I'll not going."
Aj looked at Sky. She understood him, but was he really going to give in to a secret this easily? "Sky, your better then this. Why are you giving in to this?" Ajsman questioned.
"I told you, i don't care what they think, as long as i have Deadlox." Sky put his arm around Deadlox.
Ajsman simply nodded before running to Drakonia's house. "DRAKONIA!!!" Ajsman burst in the door. "You made a huge mistake turning Deadlox into a girl!!!"
"How so?" Drakonia, a girl with black hair down to the ground, said from her pisition on her couch.
"It's Sky and Deadlox. You have to do something." Ajsman was worried from what Drakonia did. She turned Deadlox into a girl with plans of him wanting revenge on her.
"Your kidding me. Aj, your kidding." Drakonia knew what she was talking about without asking. She stood up at motioned for Ajsman to follow her to the basement. Ajsman followed her.
"You ment for him to seek revenge, not for him to fall im love with Sky." Ajsman called to Drak inside the damp basement.
"I know, I know." Drak said, looking around the basement. She could see everything, being an enderman and everything, but Aj wasn't. Aj couldn't see anything exept the particles floating around
"I don't know how you can see in the dark, but it's driving me insane trying to figure it out." Aj said after hitting her head on a pipe coming from the cealing.
"You don't need to see in the dark, Aj. I do. Here." Drak said, handing something to Ajsman. "It should be the antidot to my spell. Once you fix Deadlox, bring him here. Got it?"
"Got it." Ajsman said before running from the dark basement and out of the house, on her way to fix her friend's mistake.

"Sky, you douche, let me in!" Ajsman whined from outside Sky's house. "I need to give Deadlox something."
"It must not be that important if you didn't give it to her earlier." Sky called from inside. Ajsman heard more kissing sounds from inside the house.
"I didn't get it until now!" Ajsman attempted to kick down the door, but it was backfiring on her.
"Sky, let her in before she breaks the door down for real." She heard Deadlox say from inside before the door opened, with Deadlox in front of her.
This better work, Aj told herself before jumping on Deadlox.
"What are you doing?!?" Deadlox struggled under Ajsman's weight.
"Calm down, will you?" Aj said before injecting the antidot into Deadlox's arm. Aj then quickly got off of her... him.
Within seconds, Deadlox's hair shortened to it's original lenth and his 3 1/2 inch heals turned back into his normal sneakers. His shirt flattened to his chest and his finder nails turned back into stubs and his girl-lashes vanished. The skirt turned back into his normal gray jeans and Deadlox sat up. He looked at himself, realising what Ajsman had done.
"WHAT DID YOU DO?!?" Sky yelled before pouncing onto Aj. Aj was stronger than the older man, but he weighed more.
"What i had to do to get you back!" Ajsman screamed, struggling to get Sky off of her. Sky punched Aj in the mouth and she whimpered.
"That's for rouining my life!" Sky screamed before punching her again and again, over and over.
"That is for Deadlox, that was for Notch, and this," He said, pulling back his fist. "IS FOR EVERYONE WHO'S LIFE YOU'VE SCREWED UP!!!" Sky hit Aj with all his might and blood started dripping from Aj's mouth. She finally got out of Sky's grip and crawled outside. She curled up in a ball and begain licking the blood from around her mouth.
"SKY!!!" Deadlox yelled, watching Aj suffer for trying to fix a a mistake. "How could you? She was trying to fix a mistake someone made and you beat her up?!? How can she be friends with you, knowing you beat her up?!?" Deadlox stood up and walked over to Aj, trying to find out if she was ok.
"She turned you back into a dude, Ty!" Sky yelled at Deadlox, "We where doing fine before this!"
"We were wasting time before this!" Deadlox looked back at Sky, "You beat her up for her trying to fix Drakonia's mistake. I was hoping she could fix this, and when Aj did, you beat her up!" Deadlox picked up Aj want headed for the hospital. Sky wasn't going to drop this easily.
"Don't take her to the hospital. Take her to Dawn!" Sky called. Deadlox didn't listen. He simply kept walking.

Aj sat next to Drakonia, who was sitting next to Deadlox. A month had past sence Deadlox had turned back into a boy, and Sky was still mad, but Aj didn't care. She had other friends to back her up. She knew what she did was right, and nothing was going to change. Or at least that's what her and her friends hoped...
Ya! fan art story thing! i put my character into the story to give the story demention. Hope you guys like it :3
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im taking her to the hos[ital and never going to come back here -_- and i dont care if u kick me out of the sky army i can never forgive u for this
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